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guided personal improvement.
Live On Purpose With Purpose

Once you understand your own unique energetic blueprint, you can better understand how to create an aligned experience of success in your life and in your relationships.


Movement offers a means to access all the different and interconnected aspects of our individual experience -- brain, body, breath --  and realign to them in ways to feel empowered in your life and in your relationships.


Breathwork offers access to personal insight on the deepest and most ethereal layer of life which ultimately touches every common aspect of our experience.  Breath is the sacred thread that weaves together the physical and non-physical experiences in life and in your relationships

Therapy Sessions

At Kizen Wellness, our mission is to inspire you and guide you in finding alignment with how your natural energy works best.  Utilizing both stillness and movement, we can identify strengths and areas benefitting from support in your vital body (physical form), your mental body (mind), and your suprabody (spirit).  Working together we can bring more balance and ease into your Experience.

Vision & Values

At Kizen Wellness, we aspire to help you design a path to living better.

We believe each of us possesses the innate wisdom to heal what is wounded within ourselves and bring balance to our lives. 

Live on Purpose with Purpose.

As human beings, we all have reasons that justify our actions... even when that action is inaction.  Far too often we look back on something we put off and wish we had done it sooner.  Sometimes we realize that
the only thing standing in our way is ourselves. 
What are your reasons for making the choices you are making today?




Self Esteem




Anger Management


Leslie has been a beacon of light for me in guidance to self-centering and wellness...

Tara B.

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