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Guided Personal Improvement

A Guided Personal Improvement session is much like me -- it's multi-faceted, but you only need take what works for you and leave the rest!  You are offered an opportunity to explore as much or as little as you are called to explore when it comes to personal improvement.  Counseling offers an opportunity to explore "seed" issues and work from the "roots" up; life coaching offers access to more immediate and specific goals; conscious eating offers new means of nourishing ourselves; subtle body energy work offers insight on the deepest and most ethereal layer of life; private yoga instruction offers a means to access all the different and interconnected aspects of our individual experience and manipulate them in ways to feel most empowered.


Based on personal experience and countless hours of research and study at Kizen Wellness we believe that the brain, body, and belly are the access points through which all things are balanced.  Each impacts the other and without balance in all areas we cannot live our best lives, but even just a bit of focus in one small part of our lives can have a big and beneficial impact on the rest of our Experience.

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