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Let the sound of the beautiful crystal bowls wash over you and feel the difference in your own frequency of personal expression!


From a physics perspective, a higher frequency cannot be changed by a lower frequency, however, a lower frequency CAN be entrained and raised by a higher frequency.  What that means when it comes to sound healing is that even when we bring a funky energy to the circle because sometimes life gets us feeling that way, the frequency of the wave created by the bowls will always be predictable and ready to bring us back into alignment with our own energetic expressions.

A sound bath is a meditative experience where people lie down or sit comfortably and listen to sound waves produced by various sources, such as singing bowls, chimes, or the human voice. It is called a bath because the sounds and vibrations wash over the body, and it is intended to induce a state of calm, relaxation, and healing by clearing energy blockages and triggering the body's natural relaxation response.


If you are experiencing acute stress from the day-to-day requirements that come with adulting and you want to release some of that tension, this is an experience for you.

If you are experiencing deeper trauma from long ago and you are looking to release its hold on your current experience without talking all about it, this is an experience for you.


If you have no idea about sound healing and crystals, but you could use a designated safe space and scheduled time to simple relax and let go for a little while, this is an experience for you.

Come join us for an invigorating hike up North Table Mountain and a healing sound bath as the sun rises, and stay for a while afterwards to connect and share your newly entrained, higher-frequency expression of WHO YOU ARE.  Please remeber to bring water and feel free to bring your own yoga mat, journal, and pen to create the personal space for energetic opening and recalibration with more ease.

Sunday, May 21, 2023





North Table Mountain Parking Lot

4758 CO Hwy 93

Golden, CO 80403


Sunrise Sound Bath