There comes a time in Life when you are finally ready to invest in yourself in order to give the world the Gift that is YOU living your true purpose!


Being accountable to something means that you’re willing to make commitments and be responsible for your own actions. We all know the importance of taking responsibilty for our own happiness, health, and success in Life, and many of us also understand how difficult it can be to stay accountable to ourselves when Life happens.


When you enroll in the Designed for Mastery Year of Growth program you are demonstrating not only that you are committed to protect and support that beneficial personal growth but you are also declaring to the world that NOW is the time that you are going to live your life on purpose with purpose.


Designed for Mastery Year of Growth Program includes:


* Weekly one-on-one Guided Personal Improvement sessions focusing on your specific personal improvement goals;

* Weekly 30-minute Learning Lunch group calls with other Designed for Growth community members;

* One (1) Human Design bodygraph chart reading;

* One (1) Sound Healing session;

* Twelve (12) Reiki Energy Healing sessions (distance or in-person);

* Access to weekly guided meditation/breath work session;

* Access to virtual yoga sessions

* Text message access with rapid response.

* Toolbox of Personal Growth gift basket (over $300 retail value)




- $1000 DISCOUNT for 2-Payments PLAN

- 12 monthly installments

Designed for Mastery - Year of Growth Program