This is for you if you're newer to Human Design or if you are challenged to piece together your chart and find yourself wanting a comprehensive reading of your unique Design.


In this initial 60-minute session, we will cover the basic elements of your Human Design including:


  • Energy Type - your nature role in Life
  • Strategy - how to best engage with Life
  • Authority - how to make choices you can trust
  • Basics of your personality
  • Areas in your Life where you enjoy action/structure and where you enjoy a receptive/go-with-the-flow energy


A Level I session is a great introduction to the highly complex system of self-understanding that is Human Design.  If the insight you gain in a Level I session sparks your interest to explore your own unique energetic anatomy, you may want to consider investing in understanding yourself better with a 6- or 12-month guided personal inquiry, where truly live-changing growth and change can occur is a safe and supportive container.

Energy Blueprint Analysis - Level I