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Let's get together for a Live and INTERACTIVE event highlighting some of the ways that Quantum Human Design(tm) can support you, personally, as a successful and profitable entrepreneur.


The event will begin with an introduction to Quantum Human Design and how it can be a great helpful in better understanding yourself as an aligned entrepreneur and how to connect with your ideal clients quicker, easier, and more often.

Following the introduction, there will be an opportunity to experience a live, in-person chart analysis with the group to see, specifically, how you can tap into your unique, personal strengths in business as well as what other insight can be gained from looking at your own energetic blueprint and how to use it as a map to your own joy, wealth, and abundance.

Bring a copy of your Quantum Human Design bodygraph, which can be accessed in many places on the internet.  I recommend using

Also, feel free to bring a journal, notebook or other resources for taking notes.

And, if you don't know your birth details or do not have a chart at the event, you can still benefit as an entrepreneur in better understanding the energetic dynamics within you and between you and your ideal clients, and also why some people are NOT attracted to your business as well.

When you understand how to step into your role as a business owner aligned with your own strengths and gifts, you can only magnitize clients and customers who recognize those strengths and gifts as valuable resources they want.


Let's explore it together!

Sattva Health + Wellness
2550 Youngfield Street
Lakewood, CO 80215



Thursday, September 21, 2023


How Quantum Human Design Can Support You In Business