Grow your understanding of yourself and the dynamic between you and your employees.  Using the visual tool of bodygraph mapping and connection charts, you will know not only the origins of your personal power using the Human Design system of self-awareness, but you will also be able to see how each individual's unique collection of energetic strengths interacts with those of others in the group. 


From a cellular perspective, we all share the same structure to our DNA.  From a global perspective, we are all living in the same world.  From a Human Design perspective, you and your employees are each a unique cosmic event, and learning how your personal energy intersects with the world can empower you to live a more fulling life with greater ease and joy and enjoy a more productive and empowering workplace.


Explore both the individual and connection maps of up to 5 individuals in your workplace and learn some reasons why the dynamics are what they are and how to be better empowered by the remarkable and unmatched energy each person has to offer.

Mapping the Energetic Connections in the Workplace