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Ever wondered why you do what you do?  Think what you think?? Want what you want?!


Your astrological birth chart is a unique reflection of your personal character and a snapshot of the Universe at the moment you were born.  Dating back to 2000 BCE, it is an ancient practice for modern times that offers an alternative view to understanding our human desire for meaning and connection.  It can describe our inner and outer circumstances, personal history, and experience.  It can be used for forecasting success and preparing for transitions and shifts, but its most useful application is character delineation. 


Let's spend two hours together as I guide you through an introduction to your birth chart.  At the end of this introduction session, you will have a basic understanding of how to use the natal chart as an analytical tool as well as a better understanding of how the positions of the planets specific to your chart can impact, empower, and challenge you on your journey.


This introduction session may touch on planetary aspects and other deeper levels of astrological interaction, but the purpose of this intital session is to lay the groundwork for a firm understanding of your natal chart as a tool of gaining personal insight.  Follow-up sessions are an opportunity to dive deeper into all the amazing insight available to you about from your stars, such as romance, career, healing, and finding your path in this lifetime.

Introduction to Your Natal Birth Chart