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On the drive to school one morning my daughter asked me how two people could have the same thought at the same time.  "You know, like with 'jinx, buy me a Coke!?'"  I spent the next few minutes offering what I considered to be an age-appropriate answer:

  "Well, it's a lot like listening to a radio.  Radio signals are broadcasting all the time, but you have to have your tuner set to a particular station to hear your favorite song.  And just because you are listening doesn't prohibit other people from tuning into the same frequency, and if they like the same music, they are more likely to tune into the same station in hopes of hearing the same song.

  "Based on what I've learned, I think everything has an energy about it, including thoughts, which means that even before you have a thought that energy must be "out there" somewhere, much like those radio waves that are always "out there" just waiting for someone to tune into the same frequency on their radio.  And then much like a radio makes those soundless, invisible signals louder and into something recognizable, we do the same thing with the energy that becomes our thoughts - we make energy louder with our bodies.

  "Once that energy enters us and moves through our mind's eye, that idea moves down into our throat, and we might start to talk about it.  When we talk about it, it might inspire us, and once we fall in love with that thought energy that we have spoken into words that makes us feel love, we may feel inspired into action.  When that action makes us feel connected to others in some way, we feel rooted and secure in our place in Life.

"And that same path works in the other direction, too.  There are certain things in life about which we feel secure and sure.  When we find other people with common "roots" we connect and might be inspired into action.  When that action inspires us to feel love, we may speak about it.  When we share our words in conversation, we may inspire others to think more or differently, which puts more of that energy back "out there" newly waiting for someone to tune into that frequency and begin the process again."

It was not until I retold the story of the conversation that I actually heard the wisdom in the simplicity. When the subtle body is functioning in a healthy way, the ebb and flow of energy I described to my child is exactly how Life works, but when there is some blockage or imbalance in some part of that energy system, Life is challenging.  Sometimes those imbalances can be due to circumstances, such as the death of a loved one, job loss, or marriage/divorce, just to name a few.  Sometimes those imbalances can result from habits, patterns of repeated behaviors that we might not even realize we have and practice.

Energy coaching is working with that non-visible and influential subtle energy body to identify strengths, imbalances, and opportunities for change that can benefit you in your experience.   Practices, like reiki, activate the body’s energy systems to remove blocks, and by breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.  Other tools, including the I-ching, astrology, and tarot, rely on that same energetic connection and offer different levels of personal insight.

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